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Katie’s Kanine Treats are 100% organic, all natural dog treats and ice cream for your favorite four legged friends. Every treat is hand crafted with love and care by the owner Katie Saracena. As of right now, we have 4 varieties of “Kaninecakes” and 3 different “Pawsicles” and cookies you can choose. You will never find any sugar, salt, chocolate, or added preservatives in any Katie’s Kanine Treats product. Your mind can be put at ease that your dog will be eating only the healthiest human grade ingredients around. It’s about time you gave your best friend a real treat.

My mission is to reciprocate the unconditional love we receive from our furry friends by celebrating them everyday with healthy, organic, and all natural dog treats. My goal is to give dog lovers the peace of mind knowing that when they give their dogs treats, those treats are healthy and made from love.

“My 3 dogs love these! One of my pit bull’s has a lot food allergies and normally, treats will give her an upset stomach and cause her skin to break out, but not these treats! She loves them, and they don’t hurt her!!!”

Cheyenne S.

Katie Saracena
Katie's Official Treat Inspector


“My dogs go bonkers over these treats!”

– Lindsay L.

“My boyfriend's dog gobbled up the treats when I brought them home. Thanks, Kaitlin!”

– Anna B.

“We got a surprise taster for our four doggies and they absolutely loved the sampler of treats we received. We highly recommend the products and great customer service! Thank you!!!”

– Catherine M.

“The owner is one of the most kindest, sweetest and honest person I know. Every one of these treats are made with Love, because she truly has a passion and genuine love for all furry friends!!! You’re the best!!!!”

– Georgette R.

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