Where are Katie’s Kanine Treats made?

Katie makes her treats right out of her home in Oxford, North Carolina.   This allows her to tightly control the production process since she is making every treat to uphold her high quality standards.

Where are the ingredients from?

Katie purchases all of her organic ingredients from local farmer’s markets or Whole Foods. You can rest assured that all the ingredients are from the United States with absolutely no outsourcing.

What is the shelf life of the Kaninecakes?

Each Kaninecake has its own unique shelf life. Since there are no preservatives added, Kaninecakes do not last as long as other treats that are filled with chemicals to preserve them. You should treat each Kaninecake as if it was something you would eat. Therefore, if you leave the treats on the counter, the shelf life is about a week – the treat will lose its softness and turn stale (although my dog still loves to eat them this way, yours might be a little pickier.) If you want a longer shelf life, refrigerate or freeze the Kaninecakes. If your furry friend prefers treats that are not cold or frozen, let the Kaninecake sit out and reach room temperature before feeding. The Peanut Butter Bark, since it is cooked longer and at a lower temperature, will last up to a month on the counter but just like with the Kaninecakes, longer in the refrigerator or freezer. However, these treats are so good, rarely do they last longer than a week anyway!

It’s my dog’s birthday and I want to get him/her a cake, how do I do that?

Any of our Kaninecakes can be made into a birthday cake for your four-legged friend. Just pick your Kaninecake and let the celebration begin!

Katie Saracena
Katie's Official Treat Inspector


“My dogs go bonkers over these treats!”

– Lindsay L.

“My boyfriend's dog gobbled up the treats when I brought them home. Thanks, Kaitlin!”

– Anna B.

“We got a surprise taster for our four doggies and they absolutely loved the sampler of treats we received. We highly recommend the products and great customer service! Thank you!!!”

– Catherine M.

“The owner is one of the most kindest, sweetest and honest person I know. Every one of these treats are made with Love, because she truly has a passion and genuine love for all furry friends!!! You’re the best!!!!”

– Georgette R.

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